Facility Use Guidelines

Be an Angel – A Facility Angel

We don’t just do ministry at Owasso First United Methodist Church we also plan and work towards the future of ministry in this facility. The plan involves a lot of people working together to make this, “A Great Place to Do Ministry.” Here are our guiding values.

  • Attractiveness: All our facilities should be attractive to others. When we and others look at them, we want the response to be, “Isn’t that attractive.” If it’s not, we need to improve until that is the response.
  • Functional: This simply means everything works. If it doesn’t work we fix it as expeditiously as possible. If it can’t be fixed we remove it or at least attempt to make it less obvious.
  • Effective and Frugal: With a mind to long term return on investment we seek to operate the facility in a manner that maximizes the cost benefit ratio. This requires a system of routine maintenance and planning for replacement of equipment as it ages out. We also seek to operate with the least possible impact on the environment. We will make every attempt to effectively use volunteer help where feasible regarding skill and time constraints. This will include a group of “advisors” to help guide the process and set priorities.

So here is how you can help. When you see anything that is not attractive, not functioning, or not the best use of our facility, please let us know? You can do this by filling out the form below, or contacting the church office. Thanks for your help. When we all work together the result is always bigger than the sum of the individual parts.

If you would like to help on specific projects from time to time please contact David Hairston or Richard Whetsell at the church office. We will be glad to add you to our list of Facility Angels.


All of the church thermostats are programed according to the schedule use of the church facilities. Normal setting while a room is in use are 70 degrees for heat and 75 degrees for cooling. You can change those setting by pressing the up or down buttons on the thermostat. When a room is schedule to be unused, the settings are 60 degrees for heat and 85 degrees for cooling. These settings help us to hold down our utility expense. If you choose to use a room that is unscheduled, just use the up and down buttons to change the setting to what you like. You should be able to set the thermostat to any temperature between 65 and 80 degrees.

Church Calendar

How do you get an event on the church calendar? The most direct way is to fill out the form in the rack inside the Office door. You can also call Susan at the church office, or talk to a staff member who can add your event to the calendar.

When scheduling an event, please think about who people should contact if they have questions. You should also think about preparation and clean up time. In addition to the time of the event, you need to reserve the room you are using for the preparation time or clean up time after the event. You can also schedule events which need to be on the calendar even though they are not occurring in this facility. Mission trips, school schedules, District and Annual Conference events would fall in this category.

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